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About Daniela Bahry

I am a lifelong creative, inspired by all things in nature. My northern star is to continue to spread joy through my art.

I am so blessed that I am able to work in a field where what I do is what I love! The arts have always been a part of me through choreography, editing music, drawing, and designing skating and dance costumes, among other artistic pursuits. I have now found my way back to the fine art of painting after years in a realm of more commercial creations. I can thank my daughter who maybe instinctively knew that after taking me to a paint class several years ago, my passion for acrylic and oil painting would be rekindled.

I am an award-winning member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and I volunteer on the board of the Edmon
ton chapter to help spread the word about the incredible talent in our community.

In 2021, I realized that collaborating with the local community was a great way to support small businesses and promote the talented artists in Edmonton and the surrounding area. To make this happen, I started the
Budding Art Collective with two friends and it is now a dynamic group of over 50 creatives and still growing! Spreading the love of art throughout the community will always be my passion.

See my
Curriculum Vitae.

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