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About Daniela Bahry

I am an Edmonton-born artist. I realized at a very young age that I loved to draw, skate and dance, and I took every possible opportunity to do all three. My fine art development started while I was in secondary school, as I continued figure skating and dancing. After high school, I enrolled in the Design Arts Program at Grant MacEwan College (now MacEwan University), majoring in Display Design. After earning my diploma, I coached figure skating and dancing, which I continue to do now.
Once I started a family, my creative outlet was channeled into designing dresses and choreographing routines in the skating and dancing worlds. It wasn’t until four years ago when my daughter took me out to a Paint Nite that my passion for painting was rekindled. I started to practice and began posting my work online. To my surprise, my Facebook friends loved my work and my pieces sold one after another. This positive feedback and support continued with commission requests, and an expanding clientele.
As an artist, I am forever playing with methods and ideas. I'm inspired by nature, photographs and life around me. I hope my pieces put a smile on the faces of those who see them, and resonate the joy of the world around us that I feel as I am painting.

I am an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and I sit on the board of the Edmonton Chapter.


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